The team

Following the open call, the SARCHA associates who have initially contributed to the shaping of the program, joined forces with all those interested to work together in the following open team:  Dr Maria Theodorou architect, , Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Professor of Law & Theory, Co-Director, The Westminster International Law & Theory Centre, Julia Chryssostalis Principal Lecturer,Co-Director, Westminster International Law and Theory Centre, Jason Coleman architect Lecturer at UCL MArch UD, Nicholas Boyarsky architect Lecturer at UCL MArch UD, Κalliope Κontozoglou architect, Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou author, critic, educator,  Sofia Asteriadi architect MA, Camila Sotomayor architect PhD candidate, Judith Kelemen architect MArch Urban Design student, Petros Tsitnidis architect MSc, Lina Liakou architect MArch, Clelia Thermou architect MArch, Ioanna Pothou architect MArch, Panagiota Theofilatou architect MSc, Veta Gerliotou, architect, Elena Chantzis, architect Georgios Koulouris MEng, Stephanie Triantafyllou AA student of architecture, Konstantilenia Koulouri AA architecture student. A number of MArch UD, UCL students were involved in the Polypolis set up, among which Mitra Tafazolint, Lisa Hinderdael, Paulina Maneta, Zoe Spiliopoulou, Andi Schmied, Lieve Smout, Jack Pritchard .