Book your role

Polypolis is a role-playing social game; it entails negotiations among four different groups of players that strive to resolve complex urban issues. To play Polypolis Athens book your role by sumbitting the form below. You can choose to play as a member of the following groups of players:

Group 1. Investors sub-groups: banks, private investors, institutions/organisations, international corporations, developers. [SARCHA-nomisma: 5 units Money + 5 units Know How]
Group 2. Land/property owners sub-groups: big-scale ownership, small  scale ownership (local owners), small-scale ownership (owners from other areas). [SARCHA-nomisma: 5 units Land + 5 units Land Use]
Group 3. Shop/small-scale manufacture owners sub-groups: Greeks, Chinese, Pakistani, Greek small-scale manufacture owners, [SARCHA-nomisma: 5 units Goods + 5 units Trade]
Group 4. Unemployed sub-groups: homeless, immigrants, drug-addicts, skilled ex-employees [SARCHA-nomisma: 5 units Time + 5 units Capabilities]
The submission for booking a role has ended. Everyone is invited to attend the Polypolis game as observers on the 23rd, 15.00–17.00, at the Jeremy Bentham Room, Wilkins  Building, Main Quadrangle, UCL, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT, London.